Photo of my vase I did yesterday.

What happened to the rim?What happened to the rim???

Does anyone have any ideas?  Please leave a comment if you do!

This is the vase I made with the drop ring mold.  It turned out really cool, except for the rim.  As the kiln was fired up and the glass got soft, I noticed that part of the rim was curling up and then in.  I have no idea what happened.

I did notice that the rim width is narrower than as the rest of the rim, meaning that I didn’t center the glass over the mold.  Maybe that is what happened.

 I really love how the vase turned out.  The yellow glass lace was an oval, so it made an interesting impression on the vase.  I think I will try to cut off the rim, so I can salvage the vase.

Here is a picture of the vase turned upside down:


I love using the drop ring mold, because it is so versatile.  I can make a shallow or deep bowl or a taller vase.  How deep you want the glass to drop depends on how much you elevate the drop ring with kiln furniture.


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