I took a day off.

A friend of mine called me up yesterday to see if I wanted to go with her to our local Quilt Guild meeting (only 1 hour drive, one way!).  She said that there was going to be a lady showing off some of her wonderful quilts.  She has had a few of her quilts in quilt shows in Kentucky and Texas, so that means she has very nice quilts.  It was a treat to go with my friend to this meeting and I’m glad I went. 

I hesitated at first, because I had a mile long list of things I needed to get done!  Of course, they all had to be done today!!  No, not really, just kidding.  Looking back on my list after getting back home, I started thinking.  Everything is still in its place.  The house didn’t burn down.  Ok, I didn’t get much glass finished.  I didn’t exercise.   Meaning, the world didn’t explode while I took a day off and had some fun.

I actually did get some glass work accomplished — I picked up two molds from a ceramic store.  When I was there last Thursday, these molds were greenware and needed to be bisque fired before I could use them.  They were ready to be picked up and so I got something done.

I still have a few more hours before bed.  I suppose I could take photographs of some glass items that still need photos.  I could also finish up some fused glass earrings, by adding the earwires.   Or, maybe I will just take it easy for the rest of the day.

 See ya!


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