Taking Great Pictures of My Glass Items – Part 1

I have been writing about my glass projects and other related topics in this blog.  However, there is a lot more involved, since I have a website where I am selling my glass.  One of those things is taking great pictures.

I have really struggled with trying to take great pictures.  First, I started out taking pictures on my green rug in our living room.  When certain glass items didn’t turn out very well on the green, I looked for other fabrics to put under the glass.  Most of the time, I had trouble  getting a true color of the glass or I was getting a lot of glare from the lights. 

I tried lots of different ways to fix these things.  I bought different colors of fabric and put them on my bed with a bright light source.  This worked pretty well, but the jewelry items were out-of-focus.  I tried taking pictures outside on my steps, as well as different fabrics and posterboard, at dusk.   Most of the time the pictures didn’t turn out very well for various reasons.

My husband finally decided to do a search on the Internet for light boxes!  He is so sweet.  He found various sources and ideas for taking better pictures of glass.

I will discuss some of those ideas in Part 2.


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4 Responses to “Taking Great Pictures of My Glass Items – Part 1”

  1. reed Says:

    taking pictures of glass is a hit or miss situation, unless you use the following technique…
    place the glass infront of a white backgroud, perhaps cover a table in white paper and move the table up against the white wall. if you have no-seam photogrphy rolls then that is the best choice, place the glass between a foot or two out from the white wall. take your brightest desklamp, if thats all you are working with and light up the wall behind the glass, do not point the light directly at the glass. f you want to bring out more detail in the sides of the glass as well put two peices of black paper on each side of the glass, about a half a foot out. do not use a flash or put ny light directly on the glass, let the light from the backgroud light the glass from behind

  2. glassart Says:

    Thanks Reed,
    Your ideas sound really great!

    I like the idea of the black paper to bring out more details. I really need to try that on some of my glass bowls and glass candle holders.

    Have you checked out my website ( http://www.mastersglassart.com ) to see some of the pictures I have taken? Maybe you can give me more specific ideas for some of the photos.
    Thanks again,

  3. Kim Says:

    Hi Christine! I have some suggestions for setting up a light box that won’t cost an arm and a leg. If you would like to read about it, here is the blog post about it: http://glassfancy.wordpress.com/2010/07/11/my-tips-and-tricks-for-product-photography-part-1/ (I hope you don’t mind me posting a link.)

    • Christine Says:

      Hi Kim,

      Thanks so much for your post about taking great pictures of glass jewelry. I love your ideas. I have upgraded my light box since posting this entry. I’ll have to take some pictures of it and share it with everyone.


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