Promised Photo of Small Glass Bowl



Here is the promised photograph of the cute little drop mold bowl that I made a couple of days ago.  It is 5″ in diameter and 1″ high.  I used Spectrum ( ) Peppermint Baroque glass for this bowl. 

Well, the fusing of the two layers of glass, one clear and the other a dark purple, with the white opal glass lace on top didn’t turn out very well.  First, there are two bubbles in it; one is about 1 1/2″ in diameter and the other one is smaller.  On the back side and underneath the bubbles, the glass has  pewter colored areas. 

I thought this was very odd and didn’t know what caused it, so I went to the forum and asked what may have caused this.  As I was typing my questions, I remembered that I had put some glue in several places to hold the glass together while I took it to my kiln.   From the answers that I got back from various people, they said that the glue carbonized which made it turn that pewter color.  I even put so much glue in these areas that the gases from the glue caused the bubbles to form.  Darn!!  I was hoping for a nice piece of glass that I was going to slump into a bowl today.  I still will slump it into a bowl, but I won’t be able to sell it.  We can use it in our house!

I seem to be learning a lot of lessons lately.

So, instead of slumping the white lace glass into a bowl, I decided to fuse two spoon rests and about eight pendants.  The spoon rests weren’t quite ready for fusing — I still needed to grind the edges to the perfect size of the spoon rest mold.   One of the spoon rests is an amber swirl color of glass.  I fused the same glass to itself.  The other spoon rest is a blue with a little white swirl in it.  I also fused this glass to itself.  This is because neither of these glassses are tested for compatibility, meaning they really aren’t a fusible glass.  However, any glass can be fused to itself with no problems.


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