More Experimenting with Glass Lace

Yesterday, I didn’t have much time to fire something that took awhile, so I experimented with glass lace.  Since you use tiny pieces of glass, you don’t have to worry about the speed that you heat up the kiln.  So, you can heat it up pretty quickly.

I wanted to make another oval piece, so I quickly made a stencil using my computer.  I used red opal glass frit medium size.  I also put a 7″ hoop on the shelf and added yellow opal frit.  For a third piece, I used a 4″ circle hoop and put two colors in this one: pale amber and deep aqua.

I fired the kiln for too long, becauce the yellow glass melted together leaving very large holes.    The red glass left an interesting design.  I didn’t use very much frit, so the lace is in a few pieces and the holes are very large and the “lines” are very thin.  The amber and aqua piece turned out differently, too, but the color combinations are very cool.  I don’t know what I am going to do with this piece.  Another one that will evolve over time, I guess 🙂

Today, I added more yellow frit to the previously fired yellow glass lace to try to make it more like I want it.


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