The Price For Having a 30 year old Ceramic Kiln


Here is a glass spoon rest that I made a few months ago.  My father’s second wife is trying to sell some of my jewelry and a couple of spoon rests, like this one. 

This afternoon, I was getting a couple of glass lace projects laid out on the kiln shelf.  I accidentally hit the side of the kiln and some brick dust fell onto the shelf, so I instinctively blew on it.  Bad idea!!  I also blew some of the glass frit around and down to the bottom of the kiln. 

It is bad for the kiln to have glass on the bottom, because the glass just continues to heat up and slowly do damage to the bottom.  So, I took the kiln shelf out of the kiln and vacuumed the glass from the bottom.

In the kiln there were a few elements that were sticking out, so I pulled out the pins that were not holding the elements anymore and put pins that had a curve at one end.  My husband put the little curve in these pins to help hold the elements in their place.  As I was pulling out one of the straight pins, I somehow broke the wire of an element.  Really Bad!!

Since my Skutt kiln is about 30 years old, the elements are very fragile.  We replaced the bottom element a few months ago after I broke that one. 

I am so depressed!!  I am getting ready for a craft fair and firing something every day and now I have to wait til I get a new element.  I was frantic!  I went to to find a website that had the element I needed.  However, the first few I found were closed for the weekend.  Then I hit the jackpot!  I found a website,, that has the element that I need and was open at 5:30 pm on Saturday.  I was able to verify with Stan which element I needed for my Skutt kiln.  We decided to get three elements, to have two as backups for the other two elements that are probably just as fragile.

Stan used to work for making elements for them.  After 21 years, he decided to quit and go out on his own and make elements at home.  He said he would make the exact elements that I needed.  He said his are better, because he uses thicker wire for the elements.  He will have them ready to mail off to me on Monday and I should receive them on Wed.  Now that is wonderful service!!  He was very nice, helpful and informative.  He knew exactly what I needed, so it was very easy to place the order.

Now, I will get a whole bunch of glass projects ready for the kiln.  Right now, I don’t have any projects ready to go, so I would have to come up with something in the morning and then fire it when I was done.  When I have projects ready to go, I am less stressed, but then I don’t work as hard to get projects ready.  I tend to fall behind.

I better go down to the basement and work on some glass projects 🙂


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