Made some “S’s” and a Heart using Liquid Stringer Medium and Glass Powder

I am working on some pendants that need to have an “S” in the center.  I have been mixing Liquid Stringer Medium from with 96 cobalt blue glass powder.  I am making the mixture fairly thick, so I can shape the glass into an “S.”  I am trying different sizes of the “S,” since the glass tends to shrink when it is fired.  I need to have a certain size “S,” because I already made a couple of the pendants where the “S” will go, so I need a certain size.

I also made a red heart using a thick mixture of the Liquid Stringer Medium and 96 Cherry Red Glass Powder.  

I will let those dry overnight and see what I get tomorrow.  I am thinking of firing these right on the kiln shelf, rather than on a piece of glass.  I will see what size they come out to be and decide if I want to fuse any of them on the glass pendants.  The heart will probably be fused to some glass to be made into a glass pendant.


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