Fused Some Glass Lace in My Kiln That’s Working Now

Yeah!  I was able to fire my kiln today!  Apparently, I am out of practice with using it.  Right now I have a manual kiln, so I have to check on it quite often.  I set an alarm clock that I carry with me most of the time. 

Well, today,  I was making some changes to my Glass Website: www.mastersglassart.com and turned off the alarm, thinking I would go out in just a second after I finished something.  Well, like I said, I was concentrating on my website and forgot that the alarm went off.  After about 15 minutes, I finally remembered and ran to the kiln….

The temperature had risen to 1650 degrees, a little too high for my target of 1425-1450 degrees.  I shut off the kiln immediately and opened the top to look at the glass lace.  Well, I think I ruined two out of the three pieces I was firing.  They fused into one long line of glass 😦

However, I am hoping the white opal glass lace will turn out fine, just different than I had planned.  It had also fused into thicker lines, but it was still in an oval shape and I think the lines were connected to each other.  We’ll find out tomorrow when the kiln has cooled off.

I hope I learned my lesson!  I really want to get a controller, so I won’t have to watch the kiln while it is firing.  With a controller, I can set the program and let it do its job.  Bryan, at the glass shop where I buy most of my glass, is looking for a controller for me and how much it would cost.  I sure hope it isn’t cost prohibitive 🙂




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