Getting Ready for Craft Fair

There is a lot more to do to get ready for a craft fair than just make lots of glass.  I usually end up doing these things the day two before the show, which only adds to my stress levels.

We bought a large rack that will hold 144 pairs of my glass earrings.  I have been busy adding earwires to my earrings, putting them on holders and pricing them. 

I still need to do that for all the rest of my glass bowls and glass plates, etc. that I have been making.

I have a whole slew of pendants that need bails glued onto them.  Each one of the glass pendants will need to get inventoried and a price tag attached. 

We just bought a heavy 6 foot table from Cosco which will be so nice.  We also found two small iron shelving racks, which will go on the new table and I’ll put some glass bowls on each shelf.  It is best to get the products at the customers eye level, so they don’t have to bend over to see everything.  There are a bunch more things that need to get organized, too.  We have another shelf unit that we have to take down.  

Wow, I am already tired from just thinking about everything that needs to get done.  I still have a week and a couple of days until the fair.


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