Today I’m Firing 5 separate projects

Last week I cut 1/2″ strips from a beautiful piece of 96 Spectrum Purple and White Opal Art.  I then cut the same amount of strips of 96 clear.  My plan was to make a basketweave square.  Since the Purple and White Glass is so gorgeous, I laid out the stips in one direction and put the clear strips in between each of those strips.  I laid it out in four layers.  I think the strips are 8″ long.

I wanted to tack fuse this piece, but I had lots of space on my kiln shelf for other projects.  I didn’t have any other projects ready that I could put in with the glass basketweave.  So, I quickly cut some strips of glass.  I cut three pieces of four different colors and made a triangle shape out of each one and then put them on the kiln shelf with the basketweave.  A tack fuse is just what I wanted for these, too.   After all five projects are tack fused and annealed and cooled down to room temperature, usually the next morning.  

Tomorrow, I will slump the basketweave piece in a Bullseye Ball mold to give it a bowl shape.  I will slump each of the four triangles into a couple of deeper bowl molds.  These can be used as small stands for any of my other glass bowls.

I better get back to work so I have some other projects ready for firing 🙂


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