Glued Bails on a Bunch of Pendants

My husband and I decided we would glue bails on all the glass pendants we made lately.  This is not one of my most favorite things to do, but it was nice to do them all at once and get it done.

I also fused a bunch of different things in my kiln.  I made four different pieces of glass to make some glass spoon rests.  Three of them I put a piece of clear on the bottom to give the spoon rest strength.  I also put some decorations on the top of three of them and put these three in the kiln to fuse.  The fourth piece of glass is pretty thick, so I think one layer will be sufficient.  I also had a few pendants that were ready for a full fuse. 

In addition, I am going to make a tack fuse drop mold.  First I need to fuse two layers of clear glass which will be 5″ in diameter.  Then I will stack a bunch of different colors of glass and also some stringers and whatever else hits me at the time.  Then I will do the drop mold and the extra glass should fuse to the glass before the glass starts to drop through the mold.  I haven’t done this before, but I am using some directions that I saw on a website —

Oh, almost forgot, I am also fusing two layers of clear glass that will be the base for a flower sun catcher.  I will tack fuse that at a different time.  It will be lots of fun tomorrow morning to see how each one turns out.


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