I Left My Husband Alone with the Kiln

Every once in awhile, I need to go to the doctor or something else that takes me away from my kiln for a day.  Yesterday was one of those days… I had a doctor’s appointment.  Now, remember we live one hour away from all these luxuries, so it pretty much cancels any kiln projects for that day.  Remember again, that I have a wonderfully time consuming manual kiln, rather that a “turn it on and leave it till it’s done” kiln with a controller 🙂

My husband really loves the art of fusing glass bottles, such as Grey Goose Vodka bottles and Belvedere Vodka bottles.  These are the ones that have a design all around the bottle and you can even see a design through a clear part in front of the bottle.  I have some pictures in some of my previous posts.

So, I helped him with the kiln paper under the bottle and helped him center the bottle and then turned it on.  I added three glass pendants to fuse right along with the bottle.  I gave him the directions I use to fuse a bottle with my kiln.  Don’t get me wrong — he has helped me before with different parts of the firing, usually the end.   However, I have never left him alone to do the whole fusing.

He did a wonderful job and I didn’t get any panic calls on my cell phone 😀

I think I will let him do it more often.


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