Daisy Glass Suncatcher

The fused glass bottle project that my husband did the other day turned out very nice!  He was proud of himself, too.

 Now, I get to do the fusing in the family 🙂

Yesterday, I put all the pieces of my daisy glass suncatcher together and did a medium dimensional fuse.  I haven’t looked at it yet, but I think it will be very nice!  There were lots of little pieces — petals, leaves, a stem and the center of the flower, so it was a lot of work to make all the templates, glue them to the glass and then grind the glass to size.  It was a labor of love, however.  I love flowers and this spring/summer I don’t think I will be working in my real garden — just the glass garden!

Today I will be slumping a few different projects — whatever fits on the kiln shelf, but definitely two glass spoon rests and a candle bridge (this is a new mold for me).  I am always excited to use a new mold, because I will get to see what the finished piece of glass actually looks like.


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