Two Glass Spoon Rests and a Glass Stand

I slumped two glass spoon rests: one of them is a single layer of green and the other one is a really cool blue iridized glass with yellow stringers scattered about it.  The Glass stand is made by fusing three pieces of 1/2″ glass into a triangle.  I have to make sure it will fit the mold by grinding down the corners and then I slump it.  Today I slumped a red glass stand.  These are new projects for me.  They are pretty cool, because it adds a nice touch to a bowl or plate or whatever you want to put on it.

The Daisy Suncatcher turned out better than I had hoped.  The blue petals have an iridized surface and each one seems to have a different color!  I put the hangar on it with some beads for an accent.  I don’t know if I want to sell it at the Craft Fair, because I love it so much!

The two glass spoon rests came out very nice, too.  However, I slumped a small fluted bowl with all the others and each inner curve had a sharp point.  I ground those down and now I have to slump it again to make the edges all nice and shiny.  The glass I used was swirls of various shades of purple.  However, after the slumping, some areas turned a light brown.  It is quite a surprise and it is a neat effect.


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