Red Iridized Highly Textured Glass

Today, I am slumping some really cool glass into an 11″ square plate mold.  I didn’t fire the kiln as high as I usually do.  I found the technique in “Warm Tips” from  It discussed slumping highly textured glass and how to fire it without losing the texture.  Basically, it said to heat the kiln to 1100 degrees and let it soak there until it takes the shape of the mold.  I waited quite awhile, one hour and 15 minutes, for the glass to slump enough to take the shape of the plate.  Since I waited so long, I decided to increase the temp. to 1200 degrees and that did the trick.  It took the shape of the mold right away.  Now I am annealing (slowly cooling the kiln, so the glass doesn’t get any stress points and crack tomorrow or next year) the glass, so I won’t be able to look at the finished plate until tomorrow morning.  It should turn out to be a gorgeous plate.


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