Last Firing Before Craft Fair This Weekend

My large red iridized plate turned out very gorgeous.  None of the texture was lost and the iridized red is very cool, but so hard to take a picture of it.  The iridescence must play tricks on my camera.  I am still trying to get a decent picture of it right now.

I put a bunch of glass earrings in the kiln to be fire polished, which means heating up the kiln to 1300 -1400 degrees.  This will make the edges of the glass nice and polished and shiny.  I also put in three glass pendants that needed fire polishing, as well.  Two of the glass pendants are heart-shaped and when I fused them the first time, some of the detail of the heart was lost.  So, I ground the edges to make them look more like a heart again.  I hope this works. 

I have been experimenting with another glass technique.  I made a heart shape out of cherry red frit glass powder and a gel called Liquid Stringer Medium (LSM) made by a company:  This LSM is mixed with glass powder and then practically anything can be done with the glass powder.  I have tried putting it in a squeeze bottle and “drawing” lines on another piece of glass.   If you use less of the LSM, then you can make shapes with it.  I made a small heart using a small cookie cutter.  I let it dry overnight and then fired it to 1350 degrees.  You don’t want to go too hot or you will get a puddle of glass.  At 1350 degrees, the LSM holds the shape you molded.  I previously fired this particular heart when I was slumping two glass spoon rests and a couple of glass stands, where the highest the temp. is 1275 degrees.  Like I said, I am experimenting  🙂  The heart kept its shape, but got a little smaller.  The surface didn’t get very shiny, which is why it needs to be fired to a higher temp.  I think it will look much better this time.  The LSM burns off in the kiln, leaving just the glass powder.


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