Craft Fair is Over


  Here I am at my booth.

I did pretty well at the Craft Fair last weekend.  I met a lot of people who said my glass pieces were so beautiful.  I enjoy talking to people about my glass and how it is made.  Many people find the process just fascinating.  Quite a few people talked about wanting something specific, so I might get some custom orders from some of those people.

I also had a chance to visit with the vendors who had booths next to mine.  They were such nice people and have been doing craft fairs for a long time.  They were very willing to answer all my questions about selling at craft fairs and what to expect and what to do.  I have done six craft fairs in 2 1/2 years, so I am still a newbie.  I am thinking about doing more craft fairs in different cities.  However, I will need to purchase a canopy for outdoor shows and probably change some things in my booth.  Since I have glass pieces, I will need to set my glass up in case there is a windy day.  Naturally, I don’t want my glass to break.  If I start to travel further away from home, I will need to figure out where I will sleep at night, etc.  It is a lot to think about.


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