A Glass Business and Taxes

Yes, everyone knows it is tax time!  My dear husband is doing them right now.  With our Glass Business, there is a lot more work involved and my husband is not enjoying himself.  There are a lot of people out there who know exactly how he feels.  I suppose after considering all the time and frustration, he may look into having someone else do our taxes. 

We kept really good records of purchases and sales and have a great spreadsheet of our inventory.  However, it never fails, there is  always something that comes up where we have to search and search for something.  I try to stay away from my husband, because he would rather be frustrated by himself.  I am not involved in it, except a few little things, like figuring out the cost of the glass items we sold.  I also help out by keeping the inventory data up-to-date.

I am looking forward to the time when he has it all finished and I’m sure he is looking forward to it much more than me 🙂


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