Slumped a Glass Bowl

Today I slumped the mauve opal glass into a bowl.  This glass I had previously slumped into a bowl, but it came out with uneven edges.  So, I put the bowl on my kiln shelf the other day and fired the kiln up until the glass was flat again.  It was not perfectly round, so I had to grind the edges until I had a nice round piece of glass again. 

The glass bowl is still cooling off in the kiln, but I think the edges are uneven again, or at least lopsided.  It was hard to tell. 

I am getting the feeling that this bowl mold is for an expert slumper.  I downloaded some information to help me slump this glass in a mold with steep sides.  Perhaps I just need to practice till it comes out right. 

It is a very interesting bowl.  We have also thought about turning the mold upside down and putting a piece of glass on top.  This is called draping.  I think I will try this next time.


Glass artist


2 Responses to “Slumped a Glass Bowl”

  1. Denise Says:

    I found your blog while searching the web for help slumping large bowls. Seems like I am having the same trouble you are. I make one bowl and it is perfect and then I do the exact same thing for the next 5 times and they all come out lopsided.

    Did you find any tips that have helped you?


  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Denise,
    Are you using one layer of glass? Or do you fuse a couple of layers first and then slump? I have better luck when I fuse two or three layers of glass and then slump it.

    One of my most recent blog posts shows a picture of a large bowl that I slumped. Check it out.

    I did another slump with the steep sided bowl that I mentioned in this blog. This time I added fiber blanket strips to see if that would help. I also thought I might get an interesting bowl, which I did.


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