Really Cool and Colorful Vase


Don’t you just love this cute little vase?  I finished this vase a couple of days ago and I love how it turned out. 

First, I fused two layers of clear glass (System 96) together that was 5″ in diameter.   Then I placed bits of glass, stringers and frit on top of the clear glass.  I set up my 5″ drop ring mold at a height of 3″.  I fired up the kiln to 1100 degrees and let it soak for 45 minutes.  This allowed the colored glass to fuse slightly to the clear which saved a firing.  After the soak, I slowly increased the temperature to 1300 degrees and held it until the clear glass fell through the ring and down to the kiln shelf. 

I love this one so much, I have already started making a larger vase.  The clear glass will be 7 1/2″ in diameter and I will use my 9″ drop ring mold.  I am considering making this vase 6″ tall, so I will need three layers of clear glass with the colored glass, frit and stringers on top.

Let me know what colors you think I should use for this vase.  I’d love to hear what you have in mind!!

Christine – Glass Artist

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6 Responses to “Really Cool and Colorful Vase”

  1. negin Says:

    hello I am negin from Iran sorry if I cant speak English well
    in our country there is not any classes about this art
    there is three mounths that I worked glass by myself and I helped from internet
    today I searched your works and I enjoyed them very much I learned so many things from you thanks a lot

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Negin,

    I’m glad you enjoyed reading my posts and that you learned a lot. Thanks so much!


  3. Melanie Says:

    Hello Christine, my husband bought me the firebox 8 for my birthday today (yes, amazing man!) and now I’m trying to make sure it’s the right one for me. I’ve only done basic enamelling with my jewelry but might want to do some glasswork. Do you think the kiln I received will be too hard to learn in/use? Do you have other suggestions or comments? thanks for your time, melanie ps)can you email me with your response?

  4. glassart Says:

    Hi Melanie,

    Congratulations! If I didn’t have a Firebox 8, I would love to get one for a birthday present!

    It is not hard to learn to fuse with the Firebox 8. When I first started using mine, I would peak inside a lot to see how a project was progressing. Since it is small, it is eary to see inside. What kind of glass projects do you plan on doing with it? Do you want to use molds? It is pretty small for a lot of glass projects. Besides jewelry, I have made sun catchers, coasters, snowflakes, small bowls, and spoon rests. In general, I make a lot of different types of projects, so I need several different sizes of kilns. If I only did jewelry and the other things I mentioned, the Firebox would be perfect.

    It is a manual kiln which takes time to learn the best firing schedules for different pieces, which is true for any new kiln. You also need to watch the temp. and turn the dial when needed. I had a manual Firebox 8 for about 10 months and firing jewelry is pretty easy, because you only have to watch the temperatures until the jewelry is fused and then I would turn off the kiln to anneal. When you get into larger projects, you will probably need to anneal, which will take longer.

    I bought a controller for my Firebox 8 from a company that just makes controllers — I love it!

    I’d like to know what you decide to do.

    Feel free to ask more questions if you have any!


  5. Anton Says:

    Hi… Christine,

    I went to mastricht, Netherlands last sunday, and i saw one of the great glass art with beautiful colors. Do you know where i can start learning about this stuff.

    I really enjoy the beautiful colors at these things including yours. it’s amazing.


    • glassart Says:

      I would look for stained glass shops or glass shops in your area. If there aren’t any close by, then check out This website has a ton of information, plus a wonderful forum where you can do searches, read about other people’s projects and ask your own questions.

      Thanks for the compliment about my glass work!

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