Took Some Glass Items To A Gallery Yesterday

The title really sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  Actually, I didn’t know what to call the place where I took my Glass Items.  A very nice gentleman, Bernie, approached me at my last Craft Fair and asked me if I would put my items up for commission?  I said sure!  Then he explained what he has going in his store.  He has about 15 areas for artists to display their work and offer it for sale, of course.  I hope he can sell some of my glass!!


This is a pretty butterfly pin that I had for sale at my last Craft Fair.  I had the butterfly for quite awhile, but I just never got around to gluing a pin to the back of it.  Awhile ago, I bought a mold on the Internet called a butterfly mold.  I love butterflies, so I bought it.  Two small glass butterflies came with it.  This is one of them.  They were flat, so I got to use my new mold to give the butterflies some dimension.  If you can’t tell from this picture, the butterfly has a slight v-shape. 

Christine – Glass Artist

Check out my Glass Creations on my website.  The link is in my About Me section.


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