Circles and Triangles in Glass

Circles and Triangles

Don’t you just love these colors in this plate?  I started with 2 layers of clear Spectrum 96.  I cut out the circles and triangles and put them on each of the layers, then I fused the two layers together.  I fired the kiln to 1475 degrees and let it soak for 10 minutes to flatten the glass.  Then I annealed (cooled off very slowly) it — this relieves all the internal stress of the glass heating up and cooling off.  The plate is much stronger after doing this.

I put the glass on my plate mold and slumped the glass into the plate mold.  This plate mold would make an excellent dinner plate set for entertaining.  If you’re interested, I do custom orders and you could choose any color or design that you want, but it has to be something that I could do.   

Christine – Glass Artist

Check out my Glass website!  The link is in my About Me section.


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