Made a Trip to Portland, Oregon to Buy Glass and Other Things

We just got back from Portland, Oregon where we went to Bullseye Glass ( to buy a bunch of glass, some glass frit and glass stringers.  We bought all these things wholesale, so we got a great price!  If you buy $1,000 worth of items, you get 50% off.  We were aiming for the $1,000, but went overboard and spent $1,200 (half off: $600)  🙂

We also bought two new kilns from Georgies (!!  We bought a small Skutt Firebox ( for fusing jewelry and just testing glass before making a large piece.  We were able to bring this one home with us.  The other kiln we bought is a big one.  It is a Skutt 1414 with a lid lifter and a small viewing window.  We had to get that one delivered and we should get it in a couple of weeks. 

I will be able to fuse several pieces of glass at one time and then slump those fused pieces into glass bowls, glass plates, glass spoon rests, glass candle holders all at the same time.

Now I will be able to make a whole bunch more glass at one time.  My first kiln is an old Skutt 181 and it had manual controls, so I spent a lot of time sitting by the kiln and watching the temperature and turn the kiln up or down or hold for a certain amount of time.  My new Skutt 1414 has a controller, so I can program it, and won’t have to spend any time watching it.  I am sooo excited about the controller!!

 Keep checking back as I begin to make lots more glass at one time!!  Check out my website ( where I will put a lot of the glass items.

Christine — Glass Artist


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