Spotty Glass Spoon Rest


This is another one of my glass spoon rests.  The amber glass has an iridized surface which really makes this a unique glass spoon rest.  The iridescence really sparkles under the light, which is difficult to see from this photo.

I have been on vacation which explains the gap in my blog entries.   Also, I have been experimenting with my new Skutt Firebox kiln.  Experimenting is absolutely necessary to learn how this particular kiln operates.  Every kiln is different, even the same models.  Yesterday, I fired some glass lace, but wasn’t watching the kiln closely enough.  It heated up really fast toward the end when I turned it up a little.  It is amazing how fast my new kiln heats up on HI. 

My other new Skutt 1414 kiln just arrived.  The driver didn’t want to drive up our driveway, because he didn’t think he could turn around to get back out.  So, he put it in our small pick-up, but I don’t know how my husband and I are going to get it out  🙂

Christine —  Glass Artist

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2 Responses to “Spotty Glass Spoon Rest”

  1. Michelle McDowell Says:

    Love your projects! I just bought my Skutt GM1414 and I’m waiting for my Firebox to come in! This is all new to me. I’d love it if you posted fire recipes for some of your projects. I’m a newbie and I think it would help get me on my way.

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Wow! You bought a Skutt 1414 and a Firebox 8 for your first kilns! Sounds like you are going to get very serious about glass! I bought those two kilns after fusing for two years!

    Let me know what you are going to be firing and I can give you some suggestions. I am always changing my firing schedules when a glass piece doesn’t turn out exactly like I want it to.

    Every kiln is different, even the same brand and model. You need to experiment to find out how your kiln fires glass projects.


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