My New Kiln


This is my new kiln!!  It’s a Skutt Firebox 8.  The inside chamber is 8″ square.  I will be using it for fusing glass pendants and earrings, and also for experimenting with small pieces of glass before I make a large glass piece. 

I have done a test firing with three separate pieces of glass and each one having two layers.  I set it for a full fuse and it got away from me and the kiln heated up to 1550 degrees.  I was aiming for 1475 degrees.  However, the glass pieces came out as a tack fuse.  The two layers had just started to melt together, but didn’t melt enough to make it look like one piece of glass.  The glass pieces came out very interesting and I think I will make more of these and make some sort of abstract piece. 

However, I still need to do a lot of experimenting to learn when I will get a tack fuse, dimensional fuse and full fuse.   I was talking with a Skutt technician who is testing a controller for this kiln.  He said the controller will be on the market in a few months.   I am going to save my money, because I would love to have a controller for this kiln.

Christine  —  Glass Artist

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One Response to “My New Kiln”

  1. Nanci Rollins Says:

    I am testing my new Firebox kiln and I am having the same problems. Although at the 1550 temp I overfused. Then I barely got a tack fuse at 1350. I am trying 1450 today and I have held it at around 1400 for almost 30 minutes and it still looks barely tacked. Have you found a successful schedule to use? I am only using 2 layers of glass and they are pendant size.
    Thank you,

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