Grey Goose Vodka Bottles

Fused Grey Goose Vodka Bottle


I have fused several Grey Goose Bottles, because they are so cool!!  The 3D effect of the mountains in the background shows up really well after fusing the bottle flat.  They are a great conversation piece!!

A couple of weeks ago, when we were in Las Vegas, I saw these really tiny bottles of Grey Goose Vodka.  I thought they were so darling!!  I just had to get a couple, so I could fuse them flat, like the big bottles.  Since the bottles have vodka in them, I had to drink the vodka, so I could clean the bottle and get it ready for fusing.   Drinking the vodka was such a chore 🙂  I should have gotten more, so I could drink more of the vodka!!  Anyone want to help me drink the vodka!

I’ll definitely show you a picture of the tiny vodka bottle after I fuse it flat.

Christine — Glass Artist


Check out my Glass Website – I have a fused Grey Goose Vodka Bottle at this link:


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