My First Large Firing in My New Kiln

Many Glass Projects in My New Kiln

This is my first big firing in my new Skutt 1414.  Each of these projects has two layers, except for the four spoon rests that have an extra layer of decoration.

The very large green rectangle will be slumped (put on top of a mold and heated up in the kiln until the glass falls into or slumps into the mold) into a four candle bridge.  The smaller purple swirl rectangle will be slumped into a single candle bridge.  The two circles are for the 5″ drop ring mold.

The fusing turned out perfectly!  I then slumped some of these projects with a couple of other glass pieces ready for a slumping.  This group of projects is in the kiln as we speak.  So, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow after the kiln cools off enough to open the kiln and check out my new creations!  I must wait until the temp. of the kiln cools off to 100 degrees or less.  Since I didn’t start this firing until later in the day, I will have to wait awhile after I get up to look in the kiln, because the kiln won’t be cool enough, yet.

Christine — Glass Artist


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