Fused Glass Pendant with Marquis Dichroic

Large Marquis Dichroic Glass Pendant

This is a very popular dichroic pattern for my fused glass pendants.  It is such an unusual style and more subdued than other dichroic glass.  I bought the dichroic from www.artisandichroic.com and they call this pattern “Marquis.”  I have made several different shapes and sizes of glass pendants with this particular dichroic pattern.  This type of dichroic is layered on a piece of thin black glass and has no texture, so it is very easy to work with.  It cuts very easily and, since there is no texture, it stacks up nicely with an extra layer of thin black on the bottom and a piece of clear glass on top.

Christine — Glass Artist



2 Responses to “Fused Glass Pendant with Marquis Dichroic”

  1. Carolyn Tapia Says:

    I came across your fused glass grey goose pendant is it for sale?

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for your question! The Fused Grey Goose Bottle Pendant is certainly for sale. Go to our website, http://www.mastersglassart.com. It is listed under the Miscellaneous Section of the Products Page. You can pay for it through our shopping cart. We take Visa & Mastercard.

    Let us know if you have any more questions!


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