Unusual Glass Vase

Purple Glass Vase

What do you think of this glass vase??  Cool, huh?  You are probably wondering what happened with the bottom.  Why is it shaped like that?

 Very good question!!  I don’t know how it happened either.  As I was watching the glass fall through the ring mold, it looked like it was supposed to look (or how I expected it to look).   However, the next day, when we could open the kiln, we noticed the interesting shape that the bottom had taken.  It was completely on the other side of the window where I was watching it drop. 

The glass vase is 8″ tall.  I needed to use four layers of glass, so it would be sturdy and not too thin at the top.

My next drop mold glass vase will be 10″ tall.  I am working on a custom order for a 10″ vase.  I am considering putting a base of glass on the kiln shelf for the vase to drop onto to give it more stability.

Christine — Glass Artist



One Response to “Unusual Glass Vase”

  1. Ali Says:

    GREAT color combination, the bottom is cool too. I find it much more interesting then a perfectly symetrical base.


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