Fused Blue Dichroic Earrings

Blue Dichroic Earrings

 I haven’t posted very many earrings on this blog, mostly, because I don’t make very many.  However, I have been making more and I even have some pictures!!

Making Fused Glass Earrings are very similar to Fused Glass Pendants — just at a smaller scale.  These earrings have 90 blue accordian texture on the back and a piece of clear 90 on top.   Aanraku.com now makes earring bails that you adhere to the back of the earring in a similar manner.  After that, it is easy to attach an earwire to the earring bail (you don’t even need to use a jump ring!).

Christine — Glass Artist



3 Responses to “Fused Blue Dichroic Earrings”

  1. Mary Says:

    Does anyone have a good source for bulk bails particularly for earrings? I make fused glass jewelry, just interested in being able to glue bails on the finished product? Second thought also, use of jump rings–any certain type better than another in regards to metal type being in a kiln? Appreciate any help,, thanks Mary

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Mary,

    I buy my bails on ebay.

    I use fine silver for fusing a loop into a pendant or earring. In my research, fine silver is the only metal that keeps its silver shine. Sterling silver loses its nice silver shine. So does copper. I haven’t tried other metals. Maybe other people reading these comments will share their experiences.



  3. EveryDay Flair Says:

    I have not had much luck with adding any metal during the kiln firing process – it needs to much work afterwards to make it shine. I also use the Aanraku bails – they do not need jump rings and are very easy to add to any of your finished work.

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