Mauve Glass Bowl

Mauve Glass Bowl

The glass I used for this bowl was Spectrum 96 Orchid Opal Art.  I had bought a nice round, slightly deep bowl mold from a local ceramic store and wanted to try slumping with it.  I cut the circle of glass slightly smaller than the top of the rim.  For deep molds, the glass should not rest on top of the rim, because it will slump uneven.  I ramped up slowly and kept the slumping temp.  pretty low, so the glass would keep the shape of the mold.    

However, when I got this glass bowl out of the kiln, the bowl was higher on one side than the other, yet the rim was still nice and round.  So, I decided to experiment.  I put the glass back in the mold and tried to level the rim all the way around, hoping that the rim would be level this time.  To my surprise, the rim was level and the bowl still round!  However, the bowl is very shallow.  I still don’t know why it didn’t keep the higher sides, but this glass bowl looks great, anyway.

Christine — Glass Artist


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