Yellow Glass Sun Catcher

Yellow and Black Glass Fish Sun Catcher

My husband, Dave, made this glass fish sun catcher.  Isn’t it so cute??  Usually, he uses my scrap fusible glass, but this time he cut the yellow glass from a sheet.  He is really good at just coming up with a design as he goes along.  My mind just isn’t very good at that.  I need a pattern or a picture of a fish for inspiration. 

Dave was excited when someone bought it at the Art Festival in Brookings.  She planned to hang it up in her beauty salon.  People who live on the coast usually love to decorate with a coast/ocean theme.  I hope my husband makes more sun catchers — fish or any other themes.  We don’t have very many left.

Christine — Glass Artist


2 Responses to “Yellow Glass Sun Catcher”

  1. kusum Says:

    hey can you please tell me how to make this fish

    • glassart Says:

      Hi Kusum,

      You will need to cut several pieces of the yellow glass – body, fins and tail. Add the black strips, red eye and yellow fin on side of body on top of the yellow glass.

      Do a dimensional fuse and you should have a wonderful sun catcher!


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