Iridized Glass Basketweave Plate

Glass Basketweave Plate

I love doing glass basketweave pieces!!  I really fell in love with this glass plate when I pulled it out of the kiln and saw how it turned out.

The strips were cut from Spectrum 96 Hi-Fire Black Iridescent Glass — I just love this glass!  Anyway, I layered the strips to give the illusion of a basketweave and then I did a dimensional fuse — I wanted to keep some dimension to the strips.  In another firing, I fused two pieces of clear glass together.  When both parts were ready, I did another dimensional fuse.  When that was done, I slumped it into a plate mold. 

Now, I have a question for all of you reading this post.  Does anyone have any idea what happened next to this glass piece?

I really want to get some of your ideas.  How about we play a game?  If you post a reply with a guess as to what happened to my glass plate and include your email address, I will send you a photo of what happened to my plate. 

If you don’t make a guess, then you won’t know what happened to my plate!!

 Go ahead…………leave a comment…………’s easy

Christine — Glass Artist