Dichroic Glass Bowl

Dichroic Glass Bowl

I have been wanting to incorporate dichroic glass into my glass bowls, glass plates and glass vases.  Here is my first attempt.  First, I cut and ground two layers of Bullseye 90 clear glass.  Second, I had the pleasure of picking different colors of dichroic glass rectangles.  Third, I needed to design a pattern to place the dichroic rectangles.  Fourth, I fused all the glass to a full fuse.  Fifth, I slumped the square into a round bowl mold to give it some dimension. 

I think it came out really great!! 

The hardest part was trying to get a picture of it.  I tried several different background colors and different lighting and after several attempts at it, I finally got this picture.  It certainly doesn’t show what the dichroic glass actually looks like in person, but this picture is the best that I have taken of it so far.

I noticed that nobody has commented about my previous blog entry.  I am looking for anyone’s thoughts about what happened to my glass basketweave plate.  Doesn’t anyone have a guess?  Don’t be shy!!

Christine — Glass Artist



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