“Jet Stream” Dichroic Earrings

Dichroic Earrings

The name of the dichroic glass is called “Jet Stream.”  I bought it from artisandichroic.com.  I am not really sure why they named it “Jet Stream.”  However, I name most of my glass pieces and some people probably wonder why I named it what I did 🙂

These dichroic earrings are just one layer of glass.  My husband drilled the holes for the earring findings.  I put a small piece of kiln shelf paper in the hole so it wouldn’t seal back up.  I put the glass earrings in my small Skutt Firebox kiln and did a fire polish to round off the edges and corners. 

The colors of these dichroic earrings really change after firing.  You can see how the earring on the right has a little more green in it.  The colors also change as you move them around in the sunlight.  These are really cool earrings if I do say so myself 🙂

Christine — Glass Artist



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