Orange Dichroic Glass Pendant

Orange Ripple Dichroic Glass Pendant

I bought a different brand of dichroic glass made by Austin Thin Films.  I wanted to see what their dichroic glass was like.  At first, I bought a couple of sample boxes that contained all their colors, each color on a small piece of glass.  I experimented with all the colors on clear glass.  I cut small pieces of each color and sandwiched them between clear glass.  This showed me what the colors would look like after they were fired.

I picked out a few of the colors that I liked and ordered some larger pieces.  They will put the dichroic on different textures of glass, like ripple, accordian, fibroid and others.

The dichroic in this orange pendant was red before I fired it.  I have found that most of the dichroic glass that starts out red will change to an orange or a red/orange.  This glass pendant has a ripple texture and is on a black glass.

I put a piece of clear over the dichroic glass, fused it, and this is how it came out.  I really like the textures and how they change after fusing them.  The blue dichroic in this glass pendant was in the valleys of the ripple texture.

Christine — Glass Artist


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