White Glass Dichroic Pendant

White Dichroic Glass Pendant with Black Designs

This gorgeous glass pendant was a fun pendant to create. I had some off-white translucent glass mixed in with my other System 96 glass. I thought I would use some of it for a dichroic glass pendant and see how it turned out. I cut a piece of pink/teal dichroic glass on clear (System 96) that was the same size as the off-white glass. I added the black glass circle and black glass stringers for a pleasing design. I was pleasantly surprised with the final result!!

Since I really liked how this glass pendant turned out with the off-white glass, I wanted to get more of it. All I had were scraps, so I must have gotten the scraps at my local glass shop. I had no idea what color the glass was and I didn’t know how I was going to figure it out. I went back to my local glass shop, they have new owners now, and they had no idea what kind of glass it was. It didn’t really look like any of the Spectrum 96 glass colors, but it is hard to tell from a catalog.

I went to a different glass shop with a sample of the glass and the owner said that it is a System 96, but didn’t know what color. I looked more closely at the Spectrum 96 catalog and I think I have found the right color. The glass really looks like a straw color by Uroboros Glass, System 96. Uroboros Glass is a lot more expensive than Spectrum, so I don’t buy it. However, I may have to order this one, because I really like how it looks and the different projects I could incorporate it in.

Christine — Glass Artist



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