Black and Gold Dichroic Glass Pendant

Black and Gold Dichroic Glass Pendant

Isn’t this an elegant glass pendant?  The gold dichroic adds a touch of sparkle!  Wouldn’t it look so pretty with a black sweater or top?  I think it would go with a lot of colors.

I used a thin piece of black glass (90) on the bottom and then added the squares of black glass and the gold dichroic.  I added a piece of clear on top and then did a full fuse.  The corners rounded off nicely all by themselves.

I used a thin black piece of glass on the bottom, because the gold dichroic glass is thin.  When I do a full fuse with pendants, I like to have at least 6 mm of glass, so it comes out with nice smooth edges.  Thin glass is 2 mm thick and regular glass is 3 mm (1/8″) thick.  When glass is heated up, it wants to be 6 mm (1/4″) thick.  So, if you have something that is only 3 mm thick and you do a full fuse, the edges will pull in, because the glass wants to be thicker.  The edges would need to be ground to get them straight and then the glass would need to be fire-polished to shine up those edges.  Just too much work, unless using 3 mm of glass is what you want to use for a particular project.

Christine — Glass Artist


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