Yellow and Blue Fish Fused Glass Sun Catcher

Yellow and Blue Fish Sun Catcher

I made this fused glass fish sun catcher before my last Craft Fair.  What do you think of it?  Are the white circles obviously air bubbles?  Or, were you wondering what the heck are those white circles?

If you look real close at the blue glass, you will start to see different colors, like purple.  This glass is iridized and looks much more impressive in the sunlight.  I don’t have a name for this fish, yet.  Any suggestions?

All the glass is Spectrum 96 Fusible.  I used one layer of clear and then added the other colors on top.  I fired it to a medium tack fuse, so the fish would have some dimension.  My husband drilled the two holes in the top for hanging the glass fish sun catcher.  I used jewelry wire that is coated with plastic to hang it and added a few beads.

I recently realized that I love making fused glass sun catchers, but I just don’t make enough of them.  I need to change that 🙂

I have made three glass snowman fused glass sun catchers for my upcoming shows.  When I get a picture of one, I will definitely post it.

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