Someone Had Us Fuse This Wine Bottle

     Fused Glass Wine Bottle            Fused Glass Wine Bottle

When we were at a Craft Festival, this couple saw our Fused Grey Goose Vodka Bottles.  They told us that they had some wine bottles that they thought were similar to the Grey Goose Bottles, meaning that the words and pictures were glass enamel and wouldn’t burn off in the kiln.  The next day, they brought one of the bottles to see what we thought.  So, they wanted us to fuse the wine bottle to see how it would turn out.  This bottle turned out great!  The couple loved it, too, and sent us two more wine bottles for us to fuse!

Christine — Glass Artist

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8 Responses to “Someone Had Us Fuse This Wine Bottle”

  1. Clive D. Fox Says:

    Is it possible to make a long looping countertop with pressed wine bottles, perhaps in sections? If the surface is too fragile for the purpose, could it be covered with a layer of transparent urethane or other epoxy? If this project is outside your expertise, do you know of anyone who is capable of this?

    We are providing structural engineering services to Baskervill Architects for the referenced project and I made the suggestion for the countertop finish. Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss this further.

    Thank you,

    Clive D. Fox, P.E.

    Fox + Associates, Consulting Engineers, P.C.
    12085 Gayton Road
    Richmond, VA 23238
    (804) 750-2085 x 102

  2. Christine Masters Says:

    Hello Clive,

    Thanks for your inquiry. I’ll answer as best I can, and if that raises more questions, then I’ll be happy to do our best to answer them.

    First, I would say, yes, it is possible to make a long looping countertop with fused wine bottles.

    I would highly recommend sections, because it would be easier to create and build, than to try and do it all at once.

    The bottles are actually fairly sturdy, and would stand up to a fair amount of abuse, however, they are still only glass, and as such, as fragile as a <1 cm thick piece of glass might be to shock. My recommendation would be as you’ve suggested, to inset the bottles into a countertop, then cover the entire countertop with a polyurethane epoxy. I’d estimate the countertop thickness at about 1″, give or take, for this sort of project.

    We’d definitely be interested in this project if you decide to move forward with it, and I’d be happy to talk with you further if you have more questions or information. Any of the bottle work we’d be capable of ourselves.

    I hope I’ve been helpful in answering your questions and giving you ideas on how you could move forward and create your unique countertop. It’s a wonderful idea.

    Thanks for contacting us,


  3. Heather Says:

    I hope you can help. You talk about a polyurethane epoxy, is it food safe? Would it be something that needs to be considered since it could come in contact with food?
    Thank you for your input


  4. glassart Says:

    Hi Heather,

    I’m not sure if the epoxy used for a counter tops is food safe. However, one of its uses is for counter tops, so my assumption is its food safe. Before using it, more research is needed to find out if it is food safe or not.


  5. Kim Hickey Says:

    Hi Christine,
    I ordered a Silver Oak wine rest last year and it was perfect! I made a wine basket for my husband and it was such a special unusual touch! He loved it! Thanks so much!
    Kim Hickey

  6. Christine Masters Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I am so glad you loved the Silver Oak spoon rest and that you put it to such great use!

    Thanks again,


  7. Gary Says:

    Christine — I noticed that this bottle had a bubble in it near the neck. My bottles have this too. Have you discover a way to get rid of the bubble? Thanks for any help. Gary

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