Glass Tile with Dichroic Pieces

Square Glass Tile with Dichroic Pieces

This was a fun project!  Whenever I would get a small piece of dichroic glass, I would add it to the kiln when I was doing a full fuse with other glass pendants.  This would round off the small dichroic glass.  After awhile, I finally collected enough small pieces and was inspired to fuse some to a square piece of clear glass.   Actually, my plan was to fuse two layers separately with dichroic glass pieces on each one and then fuse the two together. 

This is the result!  I like the 3D effect of having some of the dichroic pieces in the middle.  I think I will expand on this idea and make a larger plate.  Wow!  That would require a lot of dichroic 🙂

Anyone want to donate their scrap pieces of dichroic glass, 90?  Whoever sends me some scrap dichroic glass 90 will be entered into a drawing to win the plate that I will make with all the scrap dichroic glass!!  Hey, that sounds like a lot of fun!  What do you think?  Let me know if you want to send me some!

Christine — Glass Artist

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