Spirit Rio Glass Bowl

Spirit Glass Bowl

Dave (my husband) made this glass bowl.  He used two layers of clear glass, with the colorful borders and the red glass square in the middle on top of the clear.  He fused all these layers face down, then he slumped the fused glass in a Ball mold to get the bowl shape. 

He made two of them, so there is a matching set.

These small glass bowls are so attractive and would be lovely sitting upright in a stand or they could sit on a table.  They could even be used to hold a candle. 

Christine — Glass Artist

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Teal Dichroic Glass Pendant

Dichroic Glass Pendant

I have been experimenting with DichroMagic and DichroLux, a different brand of dichroic glass.  I like how it turned out in this glass pendant.  I put the pink dichroic glass on top of a piece of turquoise blue glass.  I added the black stringers and frit on top.

This glass pendant will look great around your neck!  The glass pendant changes color when you put it on top of different colors of clothing.

Christine — Glass Artist


Teal and Blue Herringbone Glass Pendant

Teal and Blue Glass Pendant

This glass pendant is so gorgeous and a great eye-catcher!  At the Christmas Bazaar, so many people touched this glass pendant.  I took that to mean that they really liked the glass pendant.  It didn’t sell at the Bazaar, so I will be adding it to our website: www.mastersglassart.com.  

We will be adding it sometime during the next month, so be patient, if you are interested in it.  Actually, you can send us an email if you would like to buy this glass pendant, then you don’t have to wait till it gets on the website.  However, we will be adding many more glass pendants, glass earrings, glass candle holders, and more, so keep checking back to see what we have added.

Christine — Glass Artist


White Dichroic Glass Pendant

White Dichroic Glass Pendant

I love this Glass Pendant, because it is so elegant.  The Dichroic Glass on top of the Firelight White turned out really well.  The black design on the top is simple, but really adds a lot to this Glass Pendant.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Our Booth at the Christmas Bazaar in Portland

This is our booth at the Christmas Bazaar.  We added more lights so our glass would sparkle and shine.  We had a corner booth, so we were able to display our Glass on two sides.

Craft Fair Booth

This is the other side of our booth.  Let us know what you think about our booth!  We’d love to hear from you!