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Masters Glass Art Logo

We had a logo made up for our glass business.  We will be getting business cards with our new logo and maybe some stationary.  I haven’t decided, yet.  Also, we would like to get a banner to hang on our canopy for outdoor shows.  Now that would be really exciting!

Can you tell that the logo is a glass ball?  Do you see the shadow?  And the special effects that brighten up parts of the ball?  Pretty cool, eh?  We have our business name underneath the ball, but I was playing around with the file and separated the ball from our name.  Soon, our logo will be on our website, along with a custom designed web layout.

Has anyone gotten business cards from  I tried to design one and had a really hard time with it.  I was able to download the logo, but I just don’t know what else to do to jazz it up.  Of course, I will add all our business info, but I need a great background.  Can anyone help me?

Christine — Glass Artist

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How Do You Like This Glass Pendant?

Blue Pendant

This glass pendant was a lot of fun to design.  I used a transluscent blue glass for the back.   The yellow is DichroMagic dichroic glass.  The silver glass pieces are silver dichroic on a black background.  When fused, the black background frames the silver — I love how it does that!  What should I name this glass pendant?  Please leave a comment with your idea for a name.

Today, I made some cobalt blue opal glass lace.  I plan on making a drop ring vase with this glass lace as a decoration.  I also draped a pink basketweave glass vase a second time.  I wanted the glass vase to drape more than it did the first time.  The vase will come out looking more like a vase, ie. more compact.  I am finding this hard to describe.  I will take pictures and then show you how the glass vase looks before and after, then it should make more sense.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Glass Artists — Christine and Dave

Glass Artists

Here we are!  The two glass artists behind our glass business.  I thought you might like to see what we look like.  You can put a couple of faces to this blog and our website.

Yesterday and today we put a nice, new workbench in our basement to give us more room to cut glass and keep our projects organized.  Dave made a wonderful work bench.  Now we have to reorganize everything so we are more efficient.  We needed to reorganize our glass and other stuff for a long time, so this gave us a good reason to do it 🙂

At the same time, I fused five layers of glass together.  I am working toward making a 10″ high drop ring vase for someone.  With a 10″ drop, I need to have five layers of glass, so the glass vase will be substantial.  10″ is a long drop, I think, and I am anxious to see how it turns out.

The person who ordered this glass vase wants it to have a base to make it more substantial.  Yesterday I did a small drop ring vase to practice.  When I get the bottom piece fused, I will attempt to tack fuse the bottom of the vase with the flat base.  Stay tuned…

Christine — Glass Artist

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Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner

Red Heart Glass Pendant

I just put this gorgeous heart glass pendant on my website.  Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I thought this heart glass pendant would be a nice gift. 

I had fun making it.  I cut a piece of Red DichroMagic dichroic glass into a heart shape and fused it to a piece of black glass.  I put the dichroic glass face down, so the pendant has a clear top.  After it was fused, I thought it needed something else to jazz it up, so I used some white glass powder mixed with liquid stringer medium to draw the white heart.  I did a tack fuse, so there would be some dimension.

You can find this pendant at this link:

Christine — Glass Artist

Black and Clear Glass Plate

Black and Clear Glass Plate

This glass plate is part of a set of 3 matching plates (the fourth piece of glass didn’t make it through the kiln).  The glass is called Black and Clear Baroque made by Spectrum.  The glass is not tested for fusibility, so this kind of glass can’t be fused with other glass, not even other pieces of glass.  It can be fused to itself, however.  A single piece of glass can be cut up into all different shapes and sizes and then fused together, just don’t try fusing a separate piece of glass to another.  Believe me, I tried it once and the glass was very brittle and started to crack right away.

I am working on creating sets of glass plates for people to use when entertaining guests.  Not many people have their own handcrafted one-of-a-kind set of plates.  I think I will make a set of plates for myself — not that I ever have any people to entertain 🙂

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Christine — Glass Artist

Gold Dichroic Glass Pendant

Gold Dichroic Glass Pendant

This glass pendant was made with DichroMagic dichroic glass.  The texture of the glass is called Accordian, which gives the teal lines.  I really like how the dichroic changes after it is fused.  It leaves a cool texture.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Silver and Blue Dichroic Glass Pendant

Blue and Silver Dichroic Glass Pendant

The dichroic glass in this glass pendant comes this way with silver and blue stripes.  The stripes provide a lot of design opportunities.  I have made a number of different designs with this dichroic glass.   I made a small glass pendant with blue on top and silver on the bottom.  I also made a couple that included stripes of both colors.  These two colors go so well with each other.  I really love the silver dichroic glass and who doesn’t love blue. 

I added a clear layer of glass on top of the dichroic glass and then fused them together.  This really makes the glass pendant really sparkle.  Before gluing the bail on the back, I roughed up the sterling silver plated bail and a small area on the glass pendant with a dremel tool to provide a better surface for the glue to adhere.  I use E6000 glue.  Let the glue dry for a number of days and then gently pull on the bail to make sure the glue has an excellent hold.  I always check the hold because I want to sell only glass pendants that have a strong hold.  Sometimes the bail needs to be glued on two or three times.

Christine — Glass Artist

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