Check out our New Logo for Masters Glass Art

Masters Glass Art Logo

We had a logo made up for our glass business.  We will be getting business cards with our new logo and maybe some stationary.  I haven’t decided, yet.  Also, we would like to get a banner to hang on our canopy for outdoor shows.  Now that would be really exciting!

Can you tell that the logo is a glass ball?  Do you see the shadow?  And the special effects that brighten up parts of the ball?  Pretty cool, eh?  We have our business name underneath the ball, but I was playing around with the file and separated the ball from our name.  Soon, our logo will be on our website, along with a custom designed web layout.

Has anyone gotten business cards from  I tried to design one and had a really hard time with it.  I was able to download the logo, but I just don’t know what else to do to jazz it up.  Of course, I will add all our business info, but I need a great background.  Can anyone help me?

Christine — Glass Artist

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