Isn’t This a Cool Glass Vase?

Amber Glass Vase

I love this glass vase!  The colors are great together. 

This glass vase looks great in a window with the light shining through it.  Put your favorite flowers in it, too.  I think it would really sparkle if you put a candle inside.

I am going to make a larger one next.  I already made a sea green glass vase where the glass was 12″ square (I used two 10″ square pieces of glass for the vase in this blog) and then fused to another piece turned 90 degrees.  I put two layers of thin fire paper around the cone (floral former) mold and then another small piece that fit over the top of the mold.  However, I left the kiln soak too long at the draping stage and the glass hugged on to the mold.  I put the whole thing in cold water to soak and then I tried soaking it in hot water.   Nothing was working.  I waited for my husband to come home to see what he could do.  He gently used a hammer and a screwdriver, but ended up breaking a couple of the triangles off the top of the glass vase 😦  It was a cool vase, which is why I want to try it again.  Hopefully, the last part won’t happen again!

It is really cool how glass drapes.  Every glass vase turns out different.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Black Glass Pendant with Dichroic Pieces

Dichroic Glass Pendant

I bought different colors of dichroic glass on clear glass and I thought I would experiment with the colors.   This is what I came up with.   What do you think?  Do you like it?  Is it not very good?  Does it need more colors added on top of the others?  Should I just start over with another design?

Christine — Glass Artist

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Isn’t This a Great Glass Vase For Roses?

Purple Glass Vase

I just finished making this glass vase for one of my husband’s co-workers.   His girlfriend wanted a nice vase to put the roses that he gives her in, which I think is on a regular basis  🙂

I really love this glass vase and hate to give it away.  In a couple of days, the couple are coming to our house to pick up the glass vase rather than my husband bringing it to work.  Now this is significant, because it is a 40 minute drive for them.  I’m not sure why they want to drive all that way to pick it up.  Maybe he is going to propose to his girlfriend once he gets the glass vase.  I’ll bet he is going to bring real roses for their new glass vase.

I always take pictures of my glass creations, so I took a few pictures today to see how they would turn out.  If I need to take more, I have some time tomorrow.

Wouldn’t this glass vase look classy in your house?  It is ready for any fresh flowers you bring home.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Glass Sun Catcher?

Glass Sun Catcher

Is this a glass sun catcher?  It could be something that sits in front of a window to let the light shine through.  What do you think it is?

Every once in awhile, I get an idea in my head that is a lot more abstract than my usual glass pieces.  I like to try new techniques all the time and this is one that I came up with all by myself.   This doesn’t happen very often.  I usually try new techniques that I learn about on the Internet.

What do you think of my abstract piece?  What do you think my inspiration was?  What name would you give it?  I want to hear from you.  It doesn’t take very long to leave a short message…

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Star of David Glass Pendant

Dichroic Glass Pendant

This Star of David Glass Pendant was a Custom Order that we made for someone.  The recipient just loved it and put in another order! 

I think this glass pendant came out very well.  It is the third attempt to make a decent star.

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Three Drop Glass Earrings

Three Drop Dichroic Glass Earrings

My!!  Wouldn’t these look great on your ears or a female friend of yours?  They will certainly get a lot of attention.  If you had just the right color top to wear with these glass earrings, you will be the hit of the party.  Everyone will want to know where you got your glass earrings and you can tell them that they are one-of-a-kind!  You can also give them my website, too 🙂

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Glass Candle Bridge for Four Candles

Glass Candle Bridge

I made this glass candle bridge awhile ago, but I had a lot of trouble getting a good picture of it.  This picture isn’t the best, because the glass candle bridge looks so much better in person.  When you put it under a strong light or sunlight, you will see small gold sparkles all over it.  It is not real gold.  The gold sparkles are the result of the types of chemicals they use to make the green glass. 

I wanted to take a picture of this glass candle bridge with the candles burning.  I get a warm feeling when I look at this picture.  I don’t have this glass candle bridge on my website yet, but check out some of my other Glass Candle Holders and Glass Vases.  I will be adding this glass candle bridge as soon as I can. 

I need to make a name for this glass piece.  What are your ideas?

Christine — Glass Artist

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