Three Drop Glass Earrings

Three Drop Dichroic Glass Earrings

My!!  Wouldn’t these look great on your ears or a female friend of yours?  They will certainly get a lot of attention.  If you had just the right color top to wear with these glass earrings, you will be the hit of the party.  Everyone will want to know where you got your glass earrings and you can tell them that they are one-of-a-kind!  You can also give them my website, too 🙂

Christine — Glass Artist

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2 Responses to “Three Drop Glass Earrings”

  1. Barney Says:

    Nothing is as attractive as glass may be because of its reflective nature which gets a lot of attention. These are ear hangings are amazing, wish I can get those, Thank you.

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Barney,

    Thanks for the compliments about the earrings. I have these earrings, but I just haven’t gotten them onto my website, yet. I have been selling them at Art Festivals. I made a few like these using different colors and this is the last one I have.

    If you are serious about getting these earrings, send me an email at and I can tell you more about the earrings and how much they cost, etc.

    Thanks again,

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