Black Glass Pendant with Dichroic Pieces

Dichroic Glass Pendant

I bought different colors of dichroic glass on clear glass and I thought I would experiment with the colors.   This is what I came up with.   What do you think?  Do you like it?  Is it not very good?  Does it need more colors added on top of the others?  Should I just start over with another design?

Christine — Glass Artist

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2 Responses to “Black Glass Pendant with Dichroic Pieces”

  1. June Askew Says:

    I think next time don’t put the red over the blue on the corners or if you want the red, make the pieces much smaller or thinner so that they don’t overlay the blue. They are dominating the blue, instead of being an extra feature. I think if you can bend smaller stringers in the red into curly bits it would look good as well.

  2. Christine Says:

    Hi June,

    Thanks for your suggestions about the red dominating the blue and your ideas about how I could change the red.


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