Isn’t This a Cool Glass Vase?

Amber Glass Vase

I love this glass vase!  The colors are great together. 

This glass vase looks great in a window with the light shining through it.  Put your favorite flowers in it, too.  I think it would really sparkle if you put a candle inside.

I am going to make a larger one next.  I already made a sea green glass vase where the glass was 12″ square (I used two 10″ square pieces of glass for the vase in this blog) and then fused to another piece turned 90 degrees.  I put two layers of thin fire paper around the cone (floral former) mold and then another small piece that fit over the top of the mold.  However, I left the kiln soak too long at the draping stage and the glass hugged on to the mold.  I put the whole thing in cold water to soak and then I tried soaking it in hot water.   Nothing was working.  I waited for my husband to come home to see what he could do.  He gently used a hammer and a screwdriver, but ended up breaking a couple of the triangles off the top of the glass vase 😦  It was a cool vase, which is why I want to try it again.  Hopefully, the last part won’t happen again!

It is really cool how glass drapes.  Every glass vase turns out different.

Christine — Glass Artist

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4 Responses to “Isn’t This a Cool Glass Vase?”

  1. Renee Says:

    Hi Christine,
    Thank you for being so insightful. I have broke to molds. I was unfortunately glad to see that you break molds also.
    I put three layers of kiln wash on them…make sure they are dry…and still have had some unfortunate luck. Can you give me your opinion on molds. (Which are better, and how you fire them.) I know slow…

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Renee,
    I wasn’t using very good grammar there. I should have said that part of the glass broke off, not the mold 🙂

    I have broken molds, too. It seems that when my molds broke, the glass stuck to the mold. So, I am assuming I didn’t have enough kiln wash on it. If I knew what happened when you broke your molds, maybe I could help you out more.

    Do your molds just break while you are firing? If so, then, yes, you need to go slower. Molds get thermal shock, too.

    Does any glass stick to the molds? Is that how they break? If so, then try putting more layers of kiln wash on the mold. Sometimes, molds need the old kiln wash to come off and a new application put on.

    Perhaps it is the brand of kiln wash. I use Bullseye. I mix it one part kiln wash to 5 parts distilled water.

    I haven’t found that a particular brand is better or worse. Ceramic molds that you can buy from a ceramics store are more fragile than molds made by Bullseye, for example.

    I hope this helps! If you have more questions or you want to describe how your molds broke, feel free to make another post here or send me an email at


  3. Amy Says:

    I use terra cotta pots from the garden store for my molds for these drapery candle holders. I put kiln wash on also use fiber paper. If I can’t get the mold out, I just break it with my cutters. Less than a dollar, but most of the time the pots come out. Thank you so much for all you share.

  4. glassart Says:

    That’s a great idea Amy! I think I will give that a try. I have lots of pots laying around the garage and they are all different sizes, so I will get more variety out of them.

    Thanks for the idea!


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