Check This Out — A Blue Glass Candle Holder

Blue Candle Holder

Isn’t this glass candle holder gorgeous?  I used light and dark blue iridized glass to make this glass candle holder.  It is hard to see the iridized glass in this photo, but you can sort of get the idea from the dark blue irid glass on the top of this picture.  The iridized glass has a very thin metallic coating on it. 

Here is a picture of the glass candle holder from another angle.  It is technically called a candle bridge, as you can tell from this picture.  You can also see some of the iridized glass on the dark blue.  In this picture, it looks like the glass has fingerprints all over it, but, no, that is the iridized layer.  It looks much better in person and in the sunlight.

Blue Candle Holder

It was a lot of fun designing and making this glass candle holder.  It would look great in any room and when the candles are lit, a relaxing sensation fills the room.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Don’t You Just Love This Glass Bowl?

White and Black Glass Bowl

This gorgeous glass bowl has become one of my favorites!  I bought a new mold and this is the first time I slumped a glass bowl in it.  The glass bowl is 15″ in diameter. 

Dave helped me with this one, so it was a collaboration.  I enjoy it when we work on a project together and I believe the end product is better.  Unfortunately, Dave has a full time job, so he doesn’t have much free time to work on glass with me. 

How do you like our new glass bowl?

Christine — Glass Artist (Dave, too 🙂

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White Design on Blue Glass Bowl

Blue and White Glass Bowl


Dave designed this glass bowl.  I was cutting a circle out of the white glass and it broke, so I couldn’t use it anymore.  However, Dave saw something right away and started to make more cuts in the white glass.  This is what he saw in that piece of white glass that broke. 

He couldn’t decide what to do with it — should he make a bowl or a plate?  Should it be round or square?  We finally decided to fuse it to a piece of dark blue transluscent glass and a piece of clear glass.  Then I did a short drop mold to make this glass bowl. 

Here is a front shot of the glass bowl:


White Glass Bowl


 I think Dave was in a very creative mood when he was designing this glass bowl.  What do you think?  Did he do a good job?


Christine — Glass Artist (Dave, too 🙂

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Accordian Glass Pendant

Accordian Glass Pendant

This gorgeous glass pendant has an accordian texture, which means that it has raised lines in a random order.  In this glass pendant the blue lines gives this glass the texture.  However, after fusing it and adding a piece of clear glass over it, you don’t feel the texture anymore, but you do see it.  The look of the texture changes when it is fused.  I love making glass pendants that have an accordian texture, because it is always different.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Check Out This Spoon Rest Made With a Grey Goose Vodka Bottle

Grey Goose Spoon Rest

What do you think about this?  A Grey Goose Vodka Bottle as a spoon rest!  I put the Grey Goose Bottles in the wine bottle spoon rest mold and fired it in the kiln the same as for a wine bottle. 

Here is a view from the top of the Grey Goose Spoon Rest:

Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Spoon Rest

The Grey Goose spoon rest makes a great gift for yourself or a friend or relative.  The Grey Goose Bottle has a bowl shape, which makes it great for serving any kind of appetizer when you have guests over for dinner.  It can also be used as a spoon rest on your stove.  The handle of the Grey Goose is lifted off the counter, so it is easy to pick up and pass around.   Sometimes, I will add an appetizer knife, pretty beads and some rafia to dress it all up.

Almost any bottle can be made into a spoon rest, so if you would like to have one made of your favorite beverage, just send me an email and we can start the process 🙂

Christine — Glass Artist

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“Surprise Inside #2” Glass Vase

Blue Glass Vase

I received a Custom Order for a Glass Vase that I had named “Surprise Inside.”  So, I decided to make two more and this is a picture of one of the glass vases.  I have this one on my Website, if you are interested in it.

I named these Glass Vases, “Surprise Inside,” because of the gorgeous iridescent glass on the inside of the glass vase.  The iridescent glass is unexpected in a glass vase like this.  The glass vase is 6 3/4″ high and is perfect for fresh flowers.  It is also a nice, elegant addition to any room in your home.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Iridescent Basket Weave Glass Vase

Glass Basket Weave Vase

Don’t you love the iridescent color?  Actually, this glass vase is much more spectacular when you hold it in your hands in the sunlight.  A picture just doesn’t do it justice.

I call this glass vase “Mostly Purple.”  It is 5 1/2″ tall.  I plan on making some larger ones real soon.

Yes, I call this a glass vase.  And, yes, it doesn’t hold any water, but you can put any kind of cup inside to hold water for fresh flowers.  Dried flowers would look very nice in this glass vase, too.

I love doing basket weave projects.  I love the texture and the look of it.  I used to weave baskets, too, which explains a little bit, too.  It was just a natural thing for me to do.

Christine — Glass Artist

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