Accordian Glass Pendant

Accordian Glass Pendant

This gorgeous glass pendant has an accordian texture, which means that it has raised lines in a random order.  In this glass pendant the blue lines gives this glass the texture.  However, after fusing it and adding a piece of clear glass over it, you don’t feel the texture anymore, but you do see it.  The look of the texture changes when it is fused.  I love making glass pendants that have an accordian texture, because it is always different.

Christine — Glass Artist

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2 Responses to “Accordian Glass Pendant”

  1. June Askew Says:

    Hi Christine
    I do love your accordian glass pendant. How did you get that effect. I am itching to start making things, I have not been well so I am waiting before I order my kiln so I have some energy to do everything. I am not good at cutting glass unfortunately, I am starting to practise though.

    All the best from June

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi June,
    Thanks for the compliment! I buy the dichroic glass that way. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I create the effect 🙂

    I do hope you get your energy back. Fusing glass is so much fun!


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